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So here it is …

Every action you take is an action in favor of something

Everything you do, everything you say, every thought, every gesture, every breath – it’s all action in favor of something.

When you’re complaining to your friend about your partner, your job, your children and all the other things there are to whinge about, you are acting in favor of your underlying beliefs that you can’t have what you want, that you are powerless to change your life, that you can’t trust others, that you need to control etc etc etc.

When you’re thinking how annoying your    svgdaily  neighbor is, how selfish your partner is, how irritating your parents are, you are acting in favor of your underlying beliefs: I’m powerless, I can’t have what I want, there is a right way etc etc etc.

When you’re giving the finger to the guy who just pulled out in front of you, you’re acting in favor of your underlying beliefs: I need to control myself (and others and the world), I can’t have what I want, etc etc etc.

When you’re looking at something you’ve just created: an article, a painting, an email; and thinking “this sucks” – you are acting in favor of your underlying beliefs – I’m incapable, I can’t, I don’t have the capacity etc etc etc.

Beginning to notice a theme here? Ask yourself, what did I act in favor of in the last hour? the last day? the last week? most of my life?

When you act in favor of your underlying beliefs (some of which may be buried as deeply as the Titanic), you are creating your future reality, one which reflects those beliefs more and more strongly: more trouble with your partner, more irritation from your neighbor, more stupid drivers creating havoc around you. More proof that what you believe is true.

But what if what you believe isn’t reality?

Start acting in favor of what you love today, right now, this minute. What you really love – those things that bring you true, lasting joy and satisfaction. You know what they are, even if you have neglected them for eons.

If you love walking your dog because it brings you peace and fresh air – get off your computer right now and go walk the dog.

If you love taking a hot bath – go have one now.

If you love travel, start taking action towards that.

If you’d really love a great relationship with your neighbors, catch yourself thinking about how annoying they are, put that to one side (without judgment) and shift your focus to what you’d love – give them a friendly wave as you leave.
It’s easy. Just start noticing what you are acting in favor of and begin acting in favor of the life you would love to be living. Pretty soon you’ll notice that your life looks more and more like the life you love. Create and adjust.

Pollyanna x

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