Understanding of water supplies

Some day and perhaps as the world becomes more understanding of water supplies we will one reusable napkins see more dry wash use and it may enter mainstream yet those who use towels will be washing those towels and the cycle rinses use 40 gallons to wash the towels and send it to a sewer treatment plant. 40 gallons washing 25 hand towels in a load which cleaned 20 cars, is 2 gallons per car anyway you see? If you use micro-fiber and throw them away, then you fill up your local dump? Which is not good or bad the dump gets paid by the load. But the price of water is also an interesting factor in that, water costs 743 gallons (1 unit of water) is generally about $1.83 to $2.88 depending on where in the country or which country you are, you see? So with 743 gallons you can clean between 185 to 309 relatively clean cars or 74 to 150 very dirty cars. (A note: water is much more expensive in other parts of the world and a much more precious commodity, we often take our water for granted, which is foolish). Your cost per car for water is pretty insignificant considering the cost, soap for instance being less than $.15 per car. I think my biggest reason in favor of pressure washer use as opposed to Dry Wash really is efficiency and time, not cost, although I can argue cost too for washing. For a wash and quick wax the difference and efficiency could be a toss up on the less than average dirty car or weekly regular customer’s car.

When determining whether to use Dry Wash or a wet wash with a pressure washer in mobile auto detailing you must be honest with yourself. Are you treating the Multi-level marketing part of the business like a religious science or are you looking at the reality of the situation from a cost and profit standpoint on the services you perform? Is there a real need such as drought, interior cleaning of item or down line and product sales benefits to the use of Dry Wash? How will the customer perceive this and how ling does it take to educate the consumer? Think about it in a non-linear way. Both methods work, your job is to determine which is best for you, your business and your customer.

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